The ATLP Curriculum Intent
Coton Green Primary School is a member of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership MAT
(Multi-Academy Trust). School leaders across the partnership are working together to develop and embed an exciting, engaging curriculum constructed through four core principles:

  • The growing understanding of cognitive science and its impact on pupil outcomes
  • The importance of building and applying knowledge
  • Collaborative resourcing and strategic planning to impact positively on teacher workload and well-being
  • Addressing social disadvantage and ensuring equality across the MAT – cultural capital.

The purpose and ambition of The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership is to provide a high quality education that transforms the life chances of our students through a ‘knowledge-engaged’ curriculum. The ATLP curriculum enables children to think independently and contribute positively to our society and the wider world.

Coton Green Primary School Curriculum: Intent, Implementation and Impact.

We aim for all children at Coton Green Primary School to experience a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging and inspiring. Our curriculum is inclusive and is built upon our school and British values.

We recognise that all children are unique and therefore our curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils have the right knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful learners. Our curriculum offers a wide range of enrichment experiences which provide children with opportunities to develop positive learning behaviours and the values of our Coton Green Learning Family:

  • We aspire for all children to leave Coton Green Primary School with the confidence, knowledge and skills to become motivated, lifelong learners who succeed.
  • Within each term, children at Coton Green Primary School are provided with breadth of experience through, teaching of all foundation subjects
  • Clearly defined learning intentions and skills are implemented through delivery of high-quality sessions and learning experiences.
  • Our units of learning are built upon on a clear skills progression alongside an understanding of our unique setting. These units have been designed by the teachers from Coton Green Primary School and the wider ATLP partnership.
  • We enhance and enrich the curriculum through a variety of activities including educational visits, school performances, visitors to school, after school clubs and links with other schools.
  • Community involvement is an essential part of our school life and there are opportunities for children in each class to take an active role in a variety of events throughout the year.
  • At Coton Green Primary School, we recognise that our children need access to opportunities and experiences which will enable them to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world in which they live.

Our curriculum ensures that pupils of Coton Green Primary School:

  • Are aspirational
  • Achieve well
  • Love learning
  • Are well prepared for transition points in their education
  • Are proud to belong to their school learning family
  • Have a secure understanding and respect for the wider community and the world they are growing up in.

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