Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Coordinator: Mrs Carolyn Evans

Email: sendco@cotongreen.staffs.sch.uk

We use the following professional services:

  • Educational Psychology – Staffordshire LA
  • Pupil and School Support – Mrs Heather Geobey
  • Communication and Autism – Autism Outreach Service

At Coton Green School we work hard to help remove barriers to learning and to support our children through each stage of their learning journey.

Inclusion is a process that entitles all learners to:

  • a broad, relevant and stimulating curriculum,
  • an environment that will have the greatest impact on their learning,
  • be able to learn, play and develop alongside each other

Every learning environment should meet the needs of learners, families and communities and have access to effective and efficient use of resources to enable this to happen.


Coton Green School SEN offer

Current SEND Characteristics of pupils on roll

To discover more information about what is available for your child and your family within Staffordshire, please visit: Staffordshire Connects

Should you have any concerns or questions relating to your child’s academic, social, emotional and behaviour needs, please feel free to contact us.