The Local Governing Body

Our Governing Body is known as the Local Governing Body. Governors are a group of people who are enthusiastic, committed, have an interest in education and have the heart of the school at their best interests. Our Local Governing Body consists of three members and has delegated responsibility to

  • act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher
  • advise the Hub Governing Body (which is the body that governs geographical districts) about local issues they need to consider that affect our school
  • represent the interest of our school community in the running of our school
  • represent our school in the community
  • provide support to the Head Teacher in undertaking appropriate day to day governance procedures that are essential to the life of the Academy.  The main purpose of these roles is to enable our Local Governing Body to be able to express and act on local views and issues – views of parents and the community.  One of the key purposes of our Local Governing Body is to ensure that our school is being a good ambassador for the aims of those in the Trust as a whole.

The five roles translate specifically into the following tasks that out Local Governing Body undertake:

  • all aspects of the curriculum and curriculum delivery;
  • it acts as a key link between our school and the local community;
  • it supports the work of our school in the community;
  • it supports the Head Teacher and school Leadership Team in the development and implementation of the our school Improvement Plan and other relevant plans, ensuring that the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership ethos remains at the heart of our school community;
  • it helps on the ground with the implementation of certain school policies;
  • it offers challenging to the Head Teacher; and it regularly reviews the school’s performance;
  • it deals with formal complaints in accordance with the Trust complaints policy;
  • it monitors and holds the school to account for student issues including behaviour and exclusions;
  • it monitors and holds the school to account for all aspects of SEND;
  • it monitors and holds the school to account for all aspects of safeguarding including British Values and the operation of the Prevent strategy;
  • it monitors and holds the school to account for educational outcomes;
  • it monitors equality aspects including the Public Sector Equality Duty;
  • it monitors all aspects for readiness for inspection;
  • it gives detailed consideration to those policies within its remit.

Effective governing boards are prepared and equipped to take their responsibilities seriously.  The National Governor’s Association states that governing boards must have:

  • the right people round the table  an understanding of their role and responsibilities
  • a good chair
  • professional clerking
  • good relationships based on trust
  • a knowledge of the school – the data, the staff, the children, the parents, and the community
  • a commitment to asking challenging questions
  • the confidence to have courageous conversations in the interests of the children and young people

School leaders in return must have:

  • an understanding of governance, including acknowledging the role of the school’s accountable body
  • a willingness to provide information in the most appropriate way in order that the governing board can carry out its role
  • a willingness to be challenged
  • reasonable time to devote to ensuring professional relationships are established with governors and trustees
  • the skills and understanding to develop effective working relationships with the governing board
Mrs Eve Smith

Chair of the Local Governing Body


The Governing  Body of Coton Green Primary School consists of Parent Governors; Staff Governors and Co-opted Governors. Click below for our current list of Governors.

2021-2022 Coton Green Primary School Local Governing Body Membership List

Register of Pecuniary Interest 2021-2022

CG LGB Attendance 2020/21.pdf

Further Information

For a link to the Governor handbook click here