Learning about staying safe online is very important for teachers, parents and children.  The internet is a powerful tool that has integrated into our school life; it is therefore vital that we educate our children in its safe use.

All children at Coton Green take part in dedicated online safety lessons every half term alongside the regular reminders in all lessons that use ICT. 

We know just how much time children spend chatting, surfing or playing games online and how much they love connecting and sharing with people all over the world. But there are risks, the good news is that keeping them safe online doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s more about common sense and communication than computer know-how. 

In fact just a few steps can ensure that every child can surf safely. 

1. Understand the risks- click here to find out more about the most common dangers that children face online.

2. Take control- Ensure you use the parental controls that filter the type of content your children can see when they’re online. 

3. Keep it private- Keep all your private information private- educate your children on how to do this. 

4. Talk- is so important to keep conversation going to prevent problems, or to deal with them if they are already happening.

– Have a family discussion to set boundaries.

– Explore sites and apps together.

– Show how to use privacy settings.  

– Reassure your child they can talk to you. 

A fantastic resource to use for 4- 7 year olds is linked below. It is based on the three-episode Jessie & Friends animated series, which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to stay safer online. It is intended to be used by 4-7 year olds alongside their parents and carers as a learning tool.

Click here to access the resource!

Here are some more handy links to help you with all aspects of staying safe online: