At Coton Green Primary School, maths is an inclusive and exciting subject where all children are able to succeed. Across school, in every classroom, maths is practical, visual and creative. Our aim is that every child leaves Coton Green a confident mathematician who cannot only solve calculations, but also explain, prove and reason within them.

To achieve this, Coton Green Primary School have adopted the ‘Maths Mastery Approach’ which is centered around ‘5 Big Ideas’ for success. Teaching for mastery is a transformational approach to teaching and learning where children are taught to solve problems, think logically and explain whilst become fluent in calculation and number facts.

A Maths Mastery Curriculum is based upon small steps to learning. Day by day, children learn new content that consistently builds upon secure understanding from previously taught lessons. This sequencing is fundamental in ensuring all children achieve. To support new, and consolidate prior learning, a multitude of mathematical equipment is used in classrooms. Having this hands-on approach to mathematics means that abstract concepts can be understood and explained by children in a logical way.

To ensure the Maths Mastery Curriculum at Coton Green is consistent across all classrooms, White Rose Maths resources are used. These high quality resources ensure that the progressive sequencing of lessons are clear and consistent across school, and that the visual representations facilitate the children’s understanding. For more information regarding the resources used in school, please follow the links below.

To add fun, challenge and engagement whilst learning, we also use TTRockstars which is a multiplication app that helps develop quick recall of both times tables and related division facts. The children engage in individual sessions and also ‘Battles’ amongst their friends and classmates. For more information, please follow the link below:

The Mathematics Lead in school is Mr Ross Newton.