At Coton Green Primary School we are very proud of our high attendance record over the years. Our aim is to out-perform the national figure year on year.

Our overall target for this year is 96%. 

Everyone at school works very hard at improving attendance as only when children attend school regularly do they take full advantage of the exciting curriculum we have and achieve all they are capable of.  

We also celebrate good attendance with weekly class awards and termly individual attendance certificates.

Thank you to all the parents who support the school and their children’s education by ensuring they attend as much as possible.   

School Attendance Policy

Please be aware that Staffordshire’s code has now changed. 

New guidance came into force from 1st January 2018 and is detailed below:

Penalty Notice for leave of absence (holiday) in term time

From 1 January 2018 any period of unauthorised leave may result in you as a parent receiving a penalty notice fine. Your head teacher will continue to be the only person able to authorise leave in term time, but this will apply only in exceptional circumstances. Any unauthorised absence will be referred by your head teacher to the local authority.

 Penalty Notice for persistent lateness

Previously a pupil had to achieve 20 unauthorised late marks before a penalty notice warning could be issued. This has now changed to 10 marks, and late marks do not have to be one after the other in order for the penalty notice to be issued. You are therefore encouraged where possible to ensure your child attends school on time. However, if your child is late you must inform the school of the reason(s) why, as they may be able to offer you some form of advice or support.